Let's get acquainted!

Vadim and Ksenia are a family of videographers. We are raising a baby Oscar.

We adore our work with all our hearts and get excited about every shot. Briefly about our work:

- We have been working at weddings for 14 years

- filmed in 10 countries and ready to expand geography.

- filmed more than 400 weddings.

Our experience allows us to easily improvise and use different shooting and editing styles.


Each pair is special, and we know how to see and emphasize this uniqueness by using chips when shooting. So you can be sure: we will be able to convey the atmosphere of your wedding and create a quality film that you will be happy to watch again and again. Our principles in work:

• Only living emotions.

• We shoot everything in detail.

We know how couples think through their images and entourage, so we will not miss anything.

• We don't force you to do things you don't like. That is why there is always a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for everyone, and the emotions are sincere.

Trust our vision and just live your wedding in a good mood.

Contact us
+38 073 115 20 21